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Hora Loca

What’s a party without a little bit of craziness?

Our Hora Loca show can be an essential element of your event. It will captivate your audience with its colorful costumes, lively music, and energetic dance performances.

Your guests won’t be able to stand still!


Yes, we got what you wanted, you thought it and we created it!
50’ 60’ 70’ Greek Style, Sexy Toga, Sport, Halloween, Circus, Brazilian party, Salsa dancers, Mexican party , Native, Christmas Party, New Year, Valentines Surprise and and anything else can you imagine. The possibilities are endless 😉

Fire performance

“Is it getting hot in here?”
🔥A fire performance adds a mesmerizing element to any event, captivating your audience with the beauty and danger of dancing flames.


Because everyone deserves to see a provocative and fun performance that combines humor, dance, and sensual elements to create a unique and captivating experience. You owe it to yourself. We’ll see you in our next show.

Night Club Experience

Combine our professional Night Club Dancers with your party theme or venue decor. It will bring personality, sensuality and high energy to your event.

Memorable Celebrities

Traveling down memory lane?
How about remembering those memorable moments and making them unforgettable once again.

Led robots

You’ll be amazed at the LED robots that light up your event with dazzling displays and memorable moves. Because flashy lights and fun moves will always get a party started.

Brazilian Samba Show

We offer highly trained performers that will amaze your guests with an authentic Latin Rumba that will make you think you’re in Rio De Janeiro.

Belly dancer

Belly dancing adds an unparalleled charm and cultural richness to any event, a delicate balance of sensuality and talent, your guests will be begging for more!

Show Girl

The brightness, femininity and glamour of our Las Vegas Show Girls are impossible to ignore! They bring an elegant touch that your event/cocktail needs.


First impression are important. A warm welcome makes all the difference whether in a social or corporate event. Dressed according to every occasion, our hostesses will make your guests feel at home.


Not all our artists shine on the ground, some prefer the sky and we like to let them fly.

Stilt Walker

There’s a reason why out stilt walkers stand out in a crowd. If you want to capture the attention and curiosity of your party guests and keep them entertained, hire one of our stilt walkers.

Human Table

Why distribute sweets, place cards, accessories, name badges, cigars, casino chips, programs, toys, good bags in the traditional way if we can do it in an elegant and surprising way with our human tables?

Champagne Skirt

Still passing out champagne the old fashioned way? Our gorgeous models wearing a unique and beautiful champagne skirt will add that fancy touch to your event to take it to the next level.


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We will provide a quote that includes time, location, theme, number of artists and other important details

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Relax! We got this. Enjoy your event

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