Why We Do What We Do

Zayaz is here to revolutionize your event! We are entertainment professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only: Making your event an unforgettable one. You’re fun! Spontaneous! Unforgettable! So shouldn’t your event be too? Whatever event you are having, you can count on us! From a small family reunion to corporate events. We provide everything to make your event an unforgettable one while having your preferences and budget as our top priority.

So who’s behind all of this? Well, not to brag but Zayaz is led by Ana Zgur, Brazilian, world-class professional dancer, ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader and entertainment expert. You could say that entertainment runs through her blood. The Rio Carnaval was practically her backyard. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she has been dancing since she was three years old and turned her hobby into her life project. Having worked in multiple countries and multiple corporations, Ana understands entertainment down to its core and has based her life and company around it.

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